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  Hope Springs From The Heart

      Co-Creating Optimal Health

Reiki, Crystal and Stone work, Bio-field and Vibrational energy work, and Educational Services

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Hope Springs from the Heart's mission is to alleviate the heartaches of this world by opening connections to Spirit and Home and accessing or clearing energy portals to help manage stress, overcome past trauma, pain and negative programing. I specialize in Reiki, energy work and chakra balancing for stress reduction, relaxation and optimal health. I offer hope for the emotional trauma of stress, loss and grief. Check out available services, and call soon to make an appointment 715-505-5558

My Services Include:

○   Reiki sessions and attunements

○   Bio-field tuning sessions

○   Reiki distance sessions

○   Crystal and Stone energy work

○   Chakra balancing and alignment

○   Grief readings by email, phone or in person

○   Gem Elixirs

○   Meditation classes

○   Group presentations and classes on Reiki, Chakra balancing and alignment, grief, stress management, loss and coping strategies.